Why Use Dragon King Website Design

We are Dragon King Website Design, and we would like to welcome you to our website.

Dragon King Website Design was born in the North West of England and is owned and operated by Chris and Lee who are from Liverpool and Southport.

Website Design is a minefield of mistakes waiting to happen and there are literally 1000`s of companies offering this service, you can even find D.I.Y design free from larger companies, but what you have to keep in mind is a very simple philosophy “if you choose a D.I.Y or “free” website you will get just that, a design that looks free.

Try to think about the last time you went online to make a purchase, who did you choose the people that had a stunning online presence or the ones that looked old and out-dated?

That’s what you have to consider when choosing your website design, if your new customers land on your website and it looks old, out-dated or self-made that’s the impression that they will take away about you and your business, you only get once chance to grab that customer and that’s why the team at Dragon King will work with you and listen to what you want from your website, we pride ourselves on creating bespoke websites that not only are fully functional, but are also mobile and tablet friendly and even more important that this we design and build websites that let your customers know that when it comes to your product or service you truly are a cut above the rest.

So this being said when it comes to deciding who to pick to design, maintain and update your current website (if you have one) or that brand new one you want to get out there, you really do need to take your time, do your research and most importantly check out the work that the designers have done in the past, we here at Dragon King have had the pleasure and privilege of working with some big names including Pontins, Feed It Green, Othella LLP, Elite Phones and HuaHin Property. We are extremely proud that we have a customer retention rate of over 98%

Once your website is live we don’t stop there, we also work alongside the major search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as some of the lesser known ones to ensure that your website meets all the criteria that is set out so that you can be found when someone is searching the internet for services or products that you offer.

But what makes us at Dragon King Website Design different? Well for a start we offer the facility to pay for our services in instalments with Interest FREE credit and we do this with no credit checking, we do this to demonstrate that we are here to help you for the long journey.

We also offer Business Start Up-Packs these are all designed to help new business hit the ground running, these include Logo design, flyers, business cards and a website, so that you really can ensure that all your business needs are met and designed in a way that acts as a showcase to customers, these packs are great when you want to ensure that all your business marketing material carries the same identity and what’s more once you are happy with the artwork we send you all the files so that you can use them time and time again as you see fit.
We believe that when it comes to designing a website you should factor in some key points; these include location of your design team, how long they have been in the Internet marketing industry and if they can deliver fantastic and beautiful websites.

As we said Dragon King Website Design are based in Merseyside, well Liverpool, Wirral and Southport to be exact. We have a long established history in designing and maintaining websites and SEO (search engine optimization.) We are very passionate about what we do and keep you informed at every stage of the design process, we are a team of people that really care about you and your online reputation! And not a lot of designers can say that!

Dragon King Website Design has been around since 2009, not in its current format as we have undergone a redesign and rebrand but since `09 we have been helping to improve the web, and the reputation of website designer’s one site at a time, we have even been in contact with Buckingham Palace, downing Street and N.A.S.A.

It’s not only website design that we do, we also do SEO and offer many, many services that we have listed in the `services` tab at the top of this screen.

We use the latest green servers to ensure that we help to reduce your carbon footprint, another unique point is that Dragon King have an ethical pricing policy, this came about after much research and understanding that for too long many business both old and new had been help to ransom by designers that took advantage of the simple fact that customers knew very little about what went on, that’s our mission to improve your knowledge base, we will keep you informed each and every step of the way, letting you know what we are up to and how long each stage will take.

We also take the time to ensure that your social media presence is working for you this includes Google+, facebook and Twitter all of these are key factors in the modern age, we will also ensure that you have a correct listing on Google Places so that your business can be found on as many platforms as possible.

All this being said if you have a live website and are in need of some general advice please get in touch and let us advise you on what is great about your current website and what areas you need to improve on, we offer this as a gesture of goodwill.
We are Dragon King Website Design and we are here to help, help you improve your online ranking, improve your sales, improve your online visibility and we hope your bank balance.

Dragon King Website Design are setting the standards in Liverpool, Wirral, Southport and Manchester.

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